Sunday, October 26, 2008

Concert Review: Tesla Heats Up The Webster

The rain and winds were blowing hard outside while Tesla was heating up the audience inside the Webster Theatre, Saturday Night. Tesla is currently touring behind a brand-new album entitled "Forever More".

With the stage set, the intro music rang through the speakers. As the band took the stage, guitarist Frank Hannon played the first notes from his white "Flying V" guitar. The band kicked off their show with two new songs including the band's latest single, "I Wanna Live". Lead singer Jeff Keith stated before "Modern Day Cowboy" that this song was for "all the diehards" in the audience as they sang along with him. The band stayed with their 1996 debut album performing the song "Getting Better". The front row received "high fives" from singer Jeff Keith as the band tore into "Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)" and "The Way It Is", both from their double-platnium album "Great Radio Controversy". Jumping from 1989 to 2008, Tesla played it's new "arena rocker" song, "So What" from their "Forever More" album.

As two acoustic guitars were broght to center stage, guitarist Frank Hannon and Dave Rude played an acoustic jam. Then the crowd went wild as they heard the familar intro to "Love Song", Tesla's biggest selling single. Next came a surprise, the rarely played "Try So Hard" from their 1994 album "Bust A Nut" had long-time fans singing along. Guitarist Frank Hannon sported an "Uncle Sam" hat as the band jammed before leading into their cover of Five Man Electrical Band's "Signs". The energy and volume were turned to the max as the band finished their set with "Edison's Medicine", "Lil' Suzie" and the fan favorite "Comin' Atcha Live".

As the band returned to the stage, singer Jeff Keith sported an Oakland Raiders jacket provoking "boos" from the audience. Tesla began their encore with a new track called "All Of Me". As the audience chanted for "one more", Brian Wheat's bass line brought in the evening's final song, "Hang Tough", showing much love to their faithful audience.

Pop Evil, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, opened the evening with a 45-minute set. Starting off with the song "Ready Or Not" from their 2008 release "Lipstick On The Mirror". While the majority of their songs came from their new album, Pop Evil also played a brand-new song called "Rolling Stone". As they won the audience over, they finished with their newest single, "Hero".

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Anonymous said...

Good job JP. Never fails-Tesla kicks ass again. You people wanna see Rock-n-Roll at its peak come to a Tesla show. Awesome band-80's Rock is alive and well.These guys are worth the price of admission-People.