Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Classic Rock Comes Alive

What are the chances that AC/DC, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin would perform together on the same stage? Probably ZERO! However, their tribute bands did just that as The Classic Rock Experience was on display Monday night at the Chevrolet Theater. On the bill was Back In Black (AC/DC Tribute Band), The Pink Floyd Experience, and Led Zeppelica.

The evening started with the AC/DC tribute band, Back In Black. The guitarist replicated all of AC/DC guitarist Angus Young's mannerisms and style right down to the school boy outfit that is still worn by him today. The lead singer switched personalities between current AC/DC singer Brian Johnson and former lead singer Bon Scott. The only problem was that the volume of the vocals was too low, but if you knew the songs, it didn't matter.

After a quick set change, The Pink Floyd Experience took the stage. The music was phenomenal, with one minor flaw, the lead singer was very distracting. Throughout the 45 minute performance, he had a guitar that he never seemed to play and performed the songs with hand gestures. As my buddy Jesse said it seemed too much like "American Idol". But the musicianship was spot on. The closing song from their set was "Comfortable Numb" which featured a remote controlled inflatable pig that flew over the crowd.

The headliner of the evening was the Led Zeppelin tribute band Led Zeppelica. They were by far the best act of the night and in my opinion one of the best tribute bands around. The mannerisms, the singing, and the music was perfect. The highlight of their 90 minute set was an extended version of the Led Zeppelin hit, "Dazed And Confused". Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page would've been proud of the guitar solo that included his signature violin bow. Before the evening ended with an exceptional version of "Whole Lotta Love", the bands and crew sang "Happy Birthday" to their sound engineer.

The night began with people playing air guitar in their seats to AC/DC and watching the Pink Floydian light show. The night ended with the audience on their feet singing and dancing along to Led Zeppelica before giving the band a standing ovation.

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