Friday, October 17, 2008

CD Review: Senses Fail Succeed On Their 3rd Album

The New Jersey based band, Senses Fail, have released their newest album entitled, "Life Is Not A Waiting Room". Expectations are high for this release, since the band's last album, "Still Searching" debuted at #15 on the Billboard charts in 2006. While many bands try to expand by changing their sound, Senses Fail stays true to what works and sounds best.

The new album starts with a slow, haunting guitar and bass line with a distant pounding drum. The melody of the lyrics in "Fireworks At Dawn" plays right along to the music, before leading into the "machine gun" like drumming of "Lungs Like Gallows" . Lead singer, James "Buddy" Nielsen, rips his vocal chords right through the chorus. The band sings about taking back some of the mistakes they've made in the song "Garden State". It's the power of the group's singing and harmonizing that makes "Family Tradition" such a catchy song with a powerful message.

"Wolves At the Door" keeps the energy going with the guitar duo of Garrett Zablocki and Heath Saraceno highlighted by some amazing drumming by Dan Trapp. The songs "Hair of the Dog" and "Four Years" have the winning formula of a straight-forward hard rock hit song. "Ali for Cody" is a pure energy rocker with a perfect combination of bass and drums. The one slow-down song is "Yellow Angels". The lyrics are executed perfectly by James "Buddy" Nielsen as the song deals with giving more meaning to one's life. The songs "Chandelier" and "Map the Streets" bring the tempo roaring back again with the band's essential sound. The album closer, "Blackout" is about dealing with the loss of someone you've always expected to be there and has the band running on all cylinders.

Every song on this album can stand on it's own as a hit single. Singer James "Buddy " Nielsen stated that "This is the most fun we've ever had as a band" and it certainly shows on this album. The band will be performing live at the Webster Theatre in Hartford on November 16th. The album is available now in stores and online. For more info, visit

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