Thursday, October 2, 2008

CD Review: Godhead Brings Us To The Edge

Godhead will be releasing their sixth studio album entitled "At The Edge Of The World". Lead singer, Jason C. Miller says that the band "reconnected with the influences that inspired us to write music, like The Cure, Black Sabbath, Bauhaus and even Rush." Originating in the mid-90's, Godhead have developed a following having toured with band like Marilyn Mason, Disturbed and Mudvayne They have also performed live on the 2001 Ozzfest tour. This album is their first release on the Driven Music Group label owned by ex-Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch.

The opening song, "The Puppet" is a very drum-heavy song with a very melodic guitar riff that repeats throughout the song. The chorus is the only chance for singer Jason C. Miller to take control. The songs, "Stay Back", the first single from the new album, and "Just Take Anything" really shows what this band is capable of. With a powerful duel guitar attack and memorable chorus, these songs should open up the band to a much larger fan base. The songs "Hero", "The Decline", "Edge Of The World", "Closing The Door" and "Soldier's Song" all follow this winning formula. Ty Smith's drumming provides the energy, while Ullrich Heppelin' s bass keeps the songs a track. Michael Miller's guitar gives the songs their "heavy metal" edge as displayed on the song "Consumption". "Become The Sky" is highlighted by Ullrich's programming, but takes away the feel from the real instrumentation. The song "And Ever" brings the heaviness back with it's pulsing bass and monotone lyrics. "The Origin Of Suffering" starts out differently from any other song on the album. With highlights of violins and piano, the song gives a very mellow vibe to the end of the album.

The production of this album puts the music out front and makes it shine, but leaves the singing behind. In addition to the 13 original tracks, album also contains five remixes of songs from the album. I'm glad the mixes were included, but they seem to take away from the "hard rock" feeling of the album. Maybe a separate disc of mixes would have been better. This album will be released on October 7. If you would like more information, go to

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