Friday, July 29, 2016

CD Review: Afroman Is Just "Happy To Be Alive" With His New Album

American hip-hop artist Afroman is best-known for the song "Because I Got High," one of the top-selling singles in 2001. His career has latest for over 15 years and he just released his sixteenth album titled "Happy To Be Alive" on July 8th through X-Ray Records. Always an advocate for marijuana, this album will not make you change your mind about him since at least four of the songs talk about getting "high." 
The beats come out booming with the opening track "Keep On Hustling," speaking about what he had to do in the early days to make a buck. Part of Afroman's fame comes from his crazily comical lyrics backed by an infectious rhythm as in "Smokin Hay," but the music of "High On The Highway" and "Beat Of Life" are contagious and undeniable. Afroman features four of his classic songs from his early albums newly recorded, including "Because I Got High" and "Crazy Rap (Colt 45 & 2 Zig Zags)." He closes his new album with "Christmas Time," a rap about growing up and celebrating the holiday broke, without money, but making the best of what they had. To find out more about Afroman and his latest release "Happy To Be Alive," please visit

Thursday, July 28, 2016

On The Record - Music: Featuring Singer Bruce Lamont From The Led Zeppelin Tribute Band "Led Zeppelin 2"

One of the premier Led Zeppelin tribute bands, Led Zeppelin 2, will be performing on July 31st at the Mohegan Sun Casino Wolf Den, before heading out on tour with The Australian Pink Floyd Show. Lead singer Bruce Lamont talks with us about his favorite Led Zeppelin songs and his love for classic hard rock music in this latest podcast episode.

CD Review: New Music From Singer/Songwriters Jesse Dayton, Erin Hill And Alexander

Arriving in September is the latest album from Texas singer/songwriter Jesse Dayton titled "The Revealer." He averages about 180 shows a year and has built-up a cult following around the globe. His new twelve-song release begins with the guitar-boogie of "Daddy Was A Badass" as Dayton surrounded himself with a group of friends that help him create this great new Americana, Tex-Mex rockabilly sound. He speeds up the rhythm with the punk-like fury of "Holy Ghost Rock N Roller" and brings back the classic outlaw country sounds of "Eatin' Crow & Drinkin' Sand." Dayton's folk-blues storytelling lyrics shine through the acoustic strumming of "Mrs. Victoria (Beautiful Thing)," before closing his album with the honky-tonk sound of "Match Made In Heaven" and finger-picking folk gem "Big State Motel." Jesse Dayton will be on tour this fall with The Supersuckers and Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band after a late-summer solo jaunt along the west coast. For a complete list of tour dates and to find out more about his new album "The Revealer," please visit

Singer/songwriter/musician/actor Erin Hill has worked with many of the greats in the music industry like Kayne West, Cyndi Lauper, Enya and Randy Newman. She also appeared in numerous television shows like HBO's "The Chris Rock Show" and PBS's "American Masters." Her latest album titled "Harp Town" features eighteen songs that not only showcase her wonderful angelic voice, but also her skills as a harpist. On her latest release, she reinterprets many classic songs that are given new life in this special setting. Early standout tracks are Hill's versions of the Smashing Pumpkins' "Disarm" and Adele's "Someone Like You." She revives the Til Tuesday classic "Voices Carry" and finds the perfect balance for the Kansas original "Dust In The Wind." She delivers the innocence of Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah" and lets her vocals soar in the operatic tone of "O Mia Babbino Caro." The album finishes with pop feel of "Speechless" and the steady flow of Rihanna's "Stay." To find out more about Erin Hill and her latest release "Harp Town," please visit

From Nashville comes the self-titled debut album from singer/songwriter Alexander. It features five songs, beginning with the pop beats of "Need You To Know" as Alexander's vocals hit the right vibe for mainstream radio success. The music of his debut single "Can't Sleep Without You" is contagious, mixing together what's hot on the radio today with his undeniable lyrics. The short EP closes with the acoustic pop of "Melody Of You" and energy build-up of "Hush Hush" as fans can't for what's coming next from this rising artist. To find out more about Alexander, please visit

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

CD Review: New Music From Indie-Artists Don DiLego, Kate Brown And Mercy

New from Velvet Elk Records is the latest release from singer/songwriter Don DiLego titled "Magnificent Ram A." It features ten tracks that were inspired by the sessions from his last studio album "Western & Atlantic," and were recorded in full takes on analog tape with all its imperfections keep in for authenticity. Beginning with "Karma King," Don invites you in with this Americana announcement. The acoustics of "A Wishful Poem" hark back to the early days of folk when the words expressed more meaning than the music. He delivers the pop tones of "I'm On Fire" with a loose, fun feel, while "Go Pack Your Suitcase" has a smooth, swinging blues-rhythm. The album finishes with the build-up, sing-along of "Don't Bury Me Alive" and the stark, intimacy of "Idiot Heart." To find out more about Don DiLego and his latest release Magnificent Ram A," please visit

Country singer/songwriter Kate Brown recently released her new album "Water From Ashes" on July 8th. The new six-song EP begins with the steady rocker "Cartwheel" as her vocal tone and delivery reminds us of Melissa Etheridge. She pours her emotions into the country acoustics of "Damned Ol' Jesus," then delivers the blues of "Come On" as her vocals soar. This short new release finishes with the angelic country/folk of "Troubled Man" and the inspirational gospel feel of "Weepin'." To find out more about Kate Brown and her latest release "Water From Ashes," please visit

From New York comes the debut album from Mercy simply titled "EP." It features only five songs, but her music and voice will leave a lasting impression. Beginning with "Ice Cream," Mercy has a sultry sound to her soft vocals among a jazzy backdrop. The music of "Love Dust" slinks on by, before the smokey club sound of "Lioness" fills the air. This short new release closes with the disco/dance vibe of "Evil Baby" as Mercy looks to expand her sound. To find out more about Mercy and her new "EP," please visit

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

CD Review: The Chris Robinson Brotherhood "Know How You Feel" About Their New Album

Before The Black Crowes dissolved into legendary status, lead singer/songwriter Chris Robinson already had the wheels rolling on his next project, The Chris Robinson Brotherhood. They released their first two albums within months of each other in 2012 as Robinson's palate of new songs seemed endless. Their only reason for not delivering even more albums is their relentless tour schedule which had them performing over 180 shows a year. Two years ago The Chris Robinson Brotherhood released their most successful studio album titled "Phosphorescent Harvest" and on July 29th, they will release their brand new studio album titled "Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel."
The new eight-song release beings with the seven-plus minute, psychedelic funk of "Narcissus Soaking Wet" as keyboardist Adam McDougall lends his talents to the spaced-out jam. Robinson's brand of southern rock is felt in "Forever As The Moon" as the song draws upon the gospel-like chorus and feel-good groove. Guitarist Neal Casal brings along some his Grateful Dead-style chords from his side project, Circles Around The Sun, for the jammy tones of "Ain't It Hard But Fair." The beauty of Chris Robinson's songwriting is heard in the gentle swirling of "Some Gardens Green," before closing with the laid-back, sing-along, country vibe of "California Hymn." 
As you may have already guessed, The Chris Robinson Brotherhood are on tour, making their way east for a string of shows, before heading back out west in September. For a complete list of live dates and to find out more about their new album "Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel," please visit