Saturday, September 24, 2016

CD Review: Krautrock Singer Damo Suzuki Delivers A "Floating Element," While Slaughter & The Dogs Become "Vicious"

Japanese musician/vocalist Damo Suzuki is once again pushing the boundaries of music with his latest album titled "Floating Element." Damo is the former lead singer of the Krautrock group, CAN, before pursuing his own solo career. His latest release is a live album that features the Elysian Quartet and was recorded at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London in 2007. It features the incredible vocal work of Damo Suzuki as he performs a seventy-seven minute version of his song "Floating Element." Damo uses his voice as an instrument, not making sense with words, but instead telling a story with the inflection of his vocal tones. The song is tracked on the album as one complete piece, which is exactly how it needs to be heard to fully appreciate the effort that went into this live performance. To find out more about Damo Suzuki and his latest release "Floating Element," please visit

U.K. punk legends Slaughter & The Dogs recently celebrated their 40th anniversary and to keep the festivities going, they recently released only their 4th studio album titled "Vicious." It features eleven originals and a raw cover of T. Rex's "Get It On (Bang A Gong)." Beginning with "Trust (All I Want From You)," you would never think this was a 40 year old punk band as they deliver the energy and grit of many of today's youthful bands. They also show their experience in the sing-along chorus of "Someday," before slowing down for the power rock ballad "Maybe If We Followed The Devil." Slaughter & The Dogs carry-out a nostalgic style with "Ultimatum," before finishing with the raw energy of "You Got Class" and the spirited delivery of "Situation." Slaughter & The Dogs will be making a special appearance at the 100 Club in London in February 2017. To find out more about their new album "Vicious," please visit their Facebook page at

Friday, September 23, 2016

CD Review: Artifex Pereo Return With Sophomore Release & SIRES Look To Sell Their "Soul"

From Louisville, KY comes the return of Artifex Pereo with their sophomore album "Passengers." After their critically acclaimed debut album, they grown their sound on the road, performing alongside bands like Norma Jean and Emery. Their new eleven-song release begins with the spaced-out intro of "Re-entry," before the progressive-rock feel of the up-tempo "First, Do No Harm" and the steady rhythm of "Paper Ruled All" that includes the intense screams of the chorus. They master the perfect melody between the tempo changes of "Soft Weapons" and "Age Of Loneliness." The album wraps up with the intense delivery of "Enterprise Of Empire," the piano ballad "As History Would Have It" and jazzy/rock layers of "Static Color." Artifex Pereo are currently on tour in the U.S. until mid-October. To find out more about their latest release "Passengers," please visit their Facebook page at

Next, from the heartland of the state of Iowa comes the rock trio SIRES with their latest release titled "Soul For Sale." The album was produced by Brandon Darner (Imagine Dragons) and carries an edgier pop rock sound with some great vocal work between the three members. The new eleven-song release begins with the nostalgic, pop/rock appeal of "My Everything." They continue with the alternative rock sounds of the album's first single "She's Into Me" and the modern post-punk romp of "Turn It Up." The light, island pop tones of "God Of Love" and the doo-wop swing of "Only One" will have you checking what era their music is from as they continue to pay homage to the early days of rock 'n' roll. To find out more about SIRES and their latest release "Soul For Sale," please visit their Facebook page at

Thursday, September 22, 2016

CD Review: New Music From Daphne Willis, Kate Fagan, Cory Goodrich, Lara Filip & Brooklyn Doran

From Nashville comes the latest release from singer/songwriter Daphne Willis titled "Come Together." It features five classic songs by The Beatles, re-imagined with her own special interpretation. Beginning with "Eleanor Rigby," you are bombarded with all these instruments as the song carries a more psychedelic feel than the original. She adds a blues vibe to the title-song, "Come Together" and turns "Something" into a simple, acoustic folk/jazz tune. The album finishes with a funked-up pop delivery of "All You Need Is Love." To find out more about Daphne Willis and her latest release "Come Together," please visit

As a member of the Chicago ska band, Heavy Manners, Kate Fagan and her band opened for 1980's punk/ska bands, The Clash and The English Beat. Kate's song "I Don't Wanna To Be Cool," which was recently re-released through Manufacturing Recordings, became a hit single in the dance clubs during this time period. The newly released four song EP features the hit single, along with it's B-side "Waiting For The Crisis." The other two songs making up this new re-release comes from recording sessions with members of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and Scarlet Architect on the unreleased modern dance/pop songs "Master Of Passion" and "Come Over." To find out more about the new re-issue from Kate Fagan, please visit

Singer/Actor/Musician Cory Goodrich recently released her latest album titled "Wildwood Flower," which is a tribute to the music of The Carter Family. Cory's portrayal of June Carter Cash in the musical "Ring Of Fire" inspired her to pick-up the Appalachian autoharp and learn these songs. Beginning with the title song, "Wildwood Flower," Cory delivers the songs with such grace and respect. Her voice soars in her rendition of "Tiny Sparrow" and she brings out the traditional tones of "Far Side Of Lovin' You." She adds four originals on this new release like the gentle folk ballads "Sycamore Tree" and "Still In Love." Sandwiched between these tracks are Cory's versions of the classic songs "Ring of Fire" and gospel-like quality of "Will The Circle Be Unbroken." To find out more about Cory Goodrich and her latest release "Wildwood Flower," please visit

Next from Chicago comes the latest release titled "Stop Time" from singer/songwriter Lara Filip. The album showcases Lara's personal triumph over breast cancer and the themes of love and life. The new ten song release begins with the acoustic, folk strumming of "The Other Side" which centers around closing the distance between loved ones. Her voice builds in the pop tones of "She's Not Coming Home" and then she shines on the emotional ballad of "Stop Time." The highlight of the album is the country-folk delivery of "Mountain Song," which has a timeless quality. The album finishes with Lara rocking out with the choir-like chorus of "Feathers & Glass" and then quieting down for the country acoustics of "Jericho Road." To find out more about Lara Filip and her latest release "Stop Time," please visit

Finally from Canada comes the latest release titled "These Paper Wings" from independent singer/songwriter Brooklyn Doran. Right from the opening notes of "Not The Time," you easily get swept up in Brooklyn's sweet voice. She opens up on the folk/rock delivery of "Sing Me Your Song" and digs deep into your soul with the powerful piano ballad "I Found A Home." The title-song, "These Paper Wings" is the perfect blend of her vocals and smooth melody, as she is an undiscovered gem waiting to shine. Her new seven-song release closes with the gentle touch of her voice within the pop tempo of "Say The Words." To find out more about Brooklyn Doran and her latest release "These Paper Wings," please visit

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

CD Review: Twelve Foot Ninja Arrive With "Oulier" & Decivilize Debut With New Hardcore Metal

From Melbourne, Australia comes the latest release titled "Outlier" from the fusion metal band Twelve Foot Ninja. They just performed an amazing set at this past weekend's Revolution Rock Festival in Connecticut as they continue their U.S. tour in support of their new album. Beginning with "One Hand Killing," they immediate get the adrenaline pumping with the song's intense rhythm and vocals screams. The energy continues to flow through "Sick," climaxing with the the battle cry of "Invincible." They build up the hardcore metal appeal of "Collateral," before showcasing their jazzier metal side in "Point Of You." The album closes with the exciting tempo changes of "Monsoon" and the rare inclusion of island flair delivered within the heavy metal sound of "Dig For Bones." For a complete list of live dates and to find out more about Twelve Foot Ninja and their latest release "Outlier," please visit

Arriving September 30th is the self-titled debut album from the Wisconsin hardcore metal band Decivilize. Their new eleven-song release begins with the machine-gun drumming of "So Shallow, So Shall I" as the growling vocals demand your attention. They deliver a progressive metal sound with "Top Of The World" as they mix together the different melodies of the song perfectly. They pick up the intensity with the quick pace of "One Soul For Sale" and hit hard on the pounding rhythm of "Choker Chain." The album closes with the Pantera-like roar of "Fake Smile" and the orchestrated mainstream metal ballad "Forever." To find out more about Decivilize and their new self-titled debut album, please visit their Facebook page at

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

On The Record - Music: Doug Gray From The Marshall Tucker Band Reminces On 45 Years Of Success

Doug Gray, original lead singer of The Marshall Tucker Band, discusses with us the secret to their success which has lasted for 45 years and how it feels to be honored by so many country artists who have named The Marshall Tucker Band as one of their early influences. The Marshall Tucker Band will be performing at the Infinity Hall Theater in Norfolk, CT on Sept. 22nd, Infinity Hall Theater in Hartford, CT on Sept. 23rd and then returning in December to play at the Mohegan Sun Arena.